Startup Kids is another program that is initiated under 300Startups for school students. Startup Kids enables the school students to experience the business and entrepreneurship ecosystem. It nurtures the students to work on startup projects. Students would undergo activity based workshops over the course of year.

  • •  Startup Kids aims to provide the solution for all the employment problems that the society is currently facing in. It enables the students to have more societal knowledge apart from book education.
  • •   To develop a platform for the students to show case their talents and skills in entrepreneurial and business ecosystem. It nurtures the students to cross all the barriers that restricts the students what they are really into.
  • •  To provide the real time training would insist the students to develop their business skills in their adulthood to face all kind of career problems in the upcoming stages and make better plans for better outcomes.
  • •   To nurture the students to attain required skills and knowledge that would enable the students to make their employment or business platform in an efficient way.
  • •   To provide the opportunities for the young entrepreneurs and facilitating them with required facilities like incubators and consulting them to generate great outcomes out of the ideation after validation and some requirements.
  • •   To change the economic crisis of the nation and to provide more number of employment opportunities to the job seekers by developing more entrepreneurs.


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